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M Luna

Species like cormorants (Phalacrocorax spp.), frigatebirds (Fregata minor), and albatrosses (Thalassarche spp.) are actively selecting and transporting marine litter to their KL North property nests, while other species inhabiting the oceanic Salas and Gómez Island are affected by plastic litter accumulated by oceanic currents near their foraging grounds.
Volatile-bearing lunar surface and interior, giant magmatic-intrusion-laden near and far side, globally distributed layer of purest anorthosite (PAN) and discovery of Mg-Spinel anorthosite, a new rock type, represent just a sample of the brand new perspectives gained in lunar science in the last decade.

SKG 3: A landed mission to the Gruithuisen domes could study how to live and work on the lunar surface by excavating, sorting, and storing materials; understanding dust and blast ejecta; and (for a roving mission) using autonomous surface navigation.
After measuring TBR of MRM data within 80° latitudes, the maximum value is below 1.35, which is selected as a threshold to generate high TBR distribution map as shown in Figures 5(a) and 5(b) to analyze if there is any correlation between the high TBR value distribution and water ice distribution constrained by other remote sensing data in the polar regions.

Marine plastic pollution is generating impacts on marine biota and ecosystems at many different levels ( Ryan, 2016 ). Impacts are reported from a wide range of organisms, including microbiota, invertebrates, and vertebrates ( Galloway et al., 2017 ; Law, 2017 ). An increasing number of reports document microplastic ingestion by marine invertebrates ( Lusher, 2015 ); certain species also grow on large, floating plastic items, and can be transported to new habitats they had not previously inhabited ( Kiessling et al., 2015 ). Interactions with vertebrates are best known, because vertebrates are larger and therefore more visible and recognizable than small marine invertebrates.
The 2013 Chinese Chang'e‐3 lunar lander mission successfully demonstrated that automated hazard avoidance software can be utilized to successfully achieve a safe powered descent and landing on the lunar surface (e.g., H. H. Zhang, et al., 2014 ; F. Zhang, et al., 2014 ). At an altitude of 100 m above the lunar surface, the CE‐3 spacecraft adjusted its thrust to enable it to enter a hovering stage.

Schrödinger may have tapped deep crustal lithologies associated with the SPA‐forming impact (Kramer et al., 2013 ; Kring et al., 2016 ; 'Sullivan et al., 2011 ). The floor of the basin contains two impact melt lithologies (Shoemaker et al., 1994 ): a rough plains unit and a smooth plains unit, both of which are predominantly noritic in composition.

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