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Type Beats (Rap Beat Instrumentals)

Selling beats online has become easier and easier over the last decade, thanks to a number of reasons. Quincy Jones didn't go into his sessions with Michael Jackson using the same approach he used working with Count Basie ; during an interview last summer , he told me he sifted through 800 song demos looking for the right tracks to put on Thriller—effectively searching for Jackson type beats.
Doug Fenske is a GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum engineer, producer and mixer for artists such as Frank Ocean, Ryan Tedder and LL Cool J. He also serves as Director of Education for Crē•8 Music Academy, which provides four music production courses through a unique partnership with Westlake Recording Studios (Rihanna, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Adele).

To be completely honest, as a 33-year-old online music producer , I've experienced my own inner conflict, specifically when I chose to dive into the beat-leasing industry The beat-leasing world lived by rules that were very different than the rules shared by producers like Alchemist and Eric Sermon in that classic Rhyme & Reason documentary.
Over the past couple of weeks, THUMP caught up with a few working "type beat" producers—including Wright , an up-and-coming producer with over 20,000 YouTube subscribers; Menace ; Johnny Juliano , a veteran producer who's worked with The Game, Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign, and Wiz Khalifa; and S.I.K. , who produced A$AP Rocky's " Fine Whine" They dive into the history of the digital-only form, discuss the creative walls that you can hit while working in this framework, as well as the unexpected successes that it's brought them.

An often overlooked undercurrent of contemporary rap production is centered around a singular phrase: "Type Beat." Aspiring producers self-consciously emulate the styles of a singular rapper or producer in the hopes that the artist's fans like it, and more importantly the artist themselves might enjoy it. Then they upload it to YouTube with that simple tag "type beat." Searching for productions on video streaming services will inevitably lead back to moody instrumentals described as "Drake Type Beats" or more involved compositions titled "Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat." The pieces themselves are often simple, but the degree to which they nail the sound of the artists they're attempting to mimic is striking.
If the mix is bad, the entire beat can sound cheap, cheesy, and cause fans not to take you seriously because of low quality production. Plus, you can add any type Nipsey hussle type beat of sound that adds to the piece and complements your other beats. All the labels are scouring BeatStars for their next producers, using it as a discovery tool.

The most basic part of any hip hop song is the drums. If you listen to some of today's rap beats you will find a lot of fruity loop sounds. 2. Decide if you want the hip hop beats for sale for promotional use or you plan on releasing and selling it for profit.

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