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THE BEST 10 Orthodontists In Brantford, ON

Serving the communities of Brantford, Paris, Ancaster, Copetown, Hagersville, Hamilton, Waterford, Simcoe, Cayuga, Port Dover, Delhi, Tillsonburg (ON) Ontario and surrounding areas - Dr. Greg Dugas is your orthodontic specialist, offering Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, traditional braces and invisible braces to children, teens, and adults.
Nine frontal dentofacial aesthetic factors were chosen based on previous research ( Witt and Flores-Mir, 2011a , b ). The results of a PCA and logistic regression indicate that increased angulations of the maxillary right lateral and central incisor are related to increased odds (1.866) that a patient will proceed to phase II treatment.

Infection control in our office is also very important to us. To protect our patients and ourselves, we strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination processes using standards recommended by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
We provide comprehensive treatment planning and use restorative and cosmetic dentistry to achieve your optimal dental health. This helps avoid tooth decay, swollen gums, and decalcification (white spots) sometimes associated with traditional braces. From start to finish - Dr. Hill and Dr. Gross are committed to designing orthodontic treatment plans that suit your unique goals.

First, an exploratory logistic regression was performed with the gender, 24, and diastema variables as covariates in order to test the hypothesis that these three variables are strong contributors to the decision to proceed to phase II treatment. Patients with straighter teeth are less likely to get gum disease.
Our friendly dentists and orthodontists provide the latest dental treatments from our modern dental clinic in central London. At Brush Dental Clinics we are proud to provide General Dentistry, Specialty Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry services across Ontario.
If you've ever used our home teeth whitening kit, you'll find that the Invisalign aligners feel very similar. Surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognathic surgery, is a type of orthodontic treatment used to correct severe cases that include bad bites, jaw bone abnormalities, and malocclusion.

Orthodontic procedures for adults often take more time and can involve tooth extraction or oral surgery. The goal of this study was to determine which aesthetic factors were related to a patient's likelihood to proceed with phase II orthodontic treatment after receiving phase I Xbow orthodontic treatment.

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