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Registered Psychologist Sydney

We are a bulk-billed psychology service with locations close to Parramatta, Strathfield, Windsor, Blacktown, Hurstville and Sydney CBD, with appointments available 7 days a week. On the other hand, Bore et al. ( 2008 ) found a disturbing Sydney Psychologist set of findings when examining the mental health of over 300 medical and psychology students: nearly a third of medical students produce scores on measures of psychological symptoms equal to or higher than adult psychiatric inpatients.
Together with a psychologist relationship counselling provides you with insight, knowledge, skills, and approaches that enable you to change unhelpful relationship patterns, respond productively to relationship difficulties, and ultimately build healthier and more satisfying bonds.

Given such success, Australian personality research can continue to expect to be an attractive prospect for students, and the developmental focus of the field promotes a clear pathway for personality students and researchers to develop research careers.
They can provide guidance and support, give perspective, and teach coping strategies to people experiencing things like significant change, stress, illness, grief, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, substance abuse, relationship breakdowns, and so on.

This translates to 932 psychologists, and the distribution of these psychologists across the various specialties is presented in Table 3. The data indicate that just over 10 per cent of those psychologists with recognised specialist skills practice in regional locations, but that very few of these psychologists provide services in rural and in particular, remote locations.
All of our clinicians - other than our mental health educational co-ordinator - are registered with the Australian Department of Human Services (Medicare) which means if you are eligible for government rebates, you may be eligible to claim a Medicare rebate for their services.

To meet the requirements for registration as a psychologist in Australia, you first need to complete a four-year tertiary program in psychology accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council You are then eligible to apply for provisional registration, which is necessary to complete the professional training required for full registration.

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