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Going Viral On TikTok

Prior to the The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 5 announcement on Twitter that ", now known as TikTok, will pay $5.7 million to settle FTC allegations that the company illegally collected personal info from children in violation of Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (#COPPA)" various TikTok users began exposing predators on TikTok and in YouTube videos.
The content varies—from comedy skits and dance routines to lip-syncing and pranks, it has spread like wildfire among younger audiences, particularly with the Gen Z demographic It's easy to see why: user-friendly with digestible and entertaining content, TikTok is an addictive platform—the spiritual successor to Vine.

But TikTok did what TikTok does, and before long she was scrolling through the For You” page, watching video after video. Douyin offers users a simple set of features for producing short-form music videos. Her first tweet in the thread featuring a video by TikTok user @lakehayes gained over 25,000 retweets and 168,000 likes (shown below).
GUESS launched the first ever fashion takeover on TikTok with its #InMyDenim campaign, which encouraged users to flaunt their GUESS denim in creative manners. Other challenges from the app have also gone viral I Used To Be So Beautiful Now Look At Me on both Chinese and Western media. Countless videos show users with brunette and blonde strands applying the product on to their full head and telling viewers to check back in 24 hours to see the results.

They reference her preternatural familiarity with social media, and Rolling Stone made comparisons to Lil Nas X, who also leveraged TikTok memes to wider fame. Hairstylists and cosmetologists have also been quick to weigh in, urging teenagers to stop the misguided hair videos from spreading.
This has lead to an entire culture trend of TikTok users doing duets with friends, celebrities, popular TikTok users, and themselves. Another video shows the owner of a grey horse dousing the animal in purple shampoo. TikTok allows users to record 15-second videos and upload them for the world to see.

Users first select background music from a list of available tracks. In addition to comedy, TikTok is also famous for its niche dances. There is literally no way that a teen believes that making a TikTok video is the expression of generational identity that certain Olds seem to believe it is. They're just doing the things that teens have always done, but with different tools.

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