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Fusible Links

Fusible Link and Fire Damper Supplies Ltd is the European distributor of all products from: Globe Technologies Corporation, SR Products and PHL Links. Fire dampers shall be interlocking blade, curtain type, conforming to the requirements of the Australian and N.Z. Building Code, and shall be built to comply with construction details proven by prototype testsconducted in accordance with A.S.30, A.S.1682, or U.L.555, to withstand exposure to controlled flame for no less than 4 hours before failure of the assembly as a whole, or any of its components, and shall qualify for a 4 hour fire resistance rating, in terms of Australian Standard 1530, Part 4, fire resistance test of structures.
It doesn't matter whether you own the building, sub-let the building or are merely a tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors to your premises. These regulations dayton fusible link have recently been changed with the update of BES:9999:2017 from BES:9999:2008, bringing motorized dampers into line with mechanical dampers which were previously only expected to be tested every two years.

Fire dampers shall be installed in wall or floor openings utilizing steel mounted sleeves, angles, other materials and practices required to satisfy the Australian and N.Z. Building Code, and A.S.1682 Parts I & II, and as shown in the manufacturers instructions.
According to the BS9999 Fire Damper Regulations, arrangements should be made for all fire dampers to be tested by a competent person on completion of installation and at regular intervals not exceeding two years (HTM03-1 requires hospitals to have their dampers tested every 12 months).

Testing are required to ensure these dampers function as intended in a fire emergency Dampers Requiring a Fusible Link to Operate - Most Fire Dampers and. Fire dampers are installed in penetrations of fire rated walls and floors as required by the building code and access to the damper itself is normally through an improperly sized access door.
For more information on the Fire Damper services we provide speak to a member of our experienced team today. Fire dampers are located where ductwork passes through fire compartment walls and floors. Note: Type A & Type B Fire Dampers are non-standard dampers and are not-returnable and cannot be cancelled.
Periodic maintenance of dampers is the building owner's responsibility. McCabeŽ RESETTABLE Bi-metal Fire Links are used throughout the world in a myriad of applications from Fire and Smoke Dampers and Doors to Fire Extinguishing Systems. Corrosion can also prevent fire dampers from closing properly but by having hiring professionals (like ourselves) to clean your ductwork and fire dampers on a regular basis, you can prevent this from happening.

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