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South Carolina Mortgage Lender License

If you are considering taking out a residential or a commercial mortgage you may want to compare different brokers and lenders-and their mortgage license qualifications. While it has long been established that UPL violations do not give rise to a private right of action, in 2011 the Supreme Court held that if a lender engaged in UPL when closing a loan it could not avail itself of equitable remedies with respect to the mortgage.
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She was named South State Bank's No.1 individual producer in Mortgage Sales in 2012 and 2013, and is consistently amongst the top 1% of mortgage bankers at South State earning the confidence and loyalty of countless Lowcountry residents by providing exceptional service.
His many activities include serving as vice president of the Langston Charter Middle School Foundation, board member and past president for the Upstate Mortgage Lenders Association, and on the Leadership Team for the Upstate Business Builders Networking Group.

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The Court's recognition of the balance between consumer protection and practical considerations is consistent with its approach in other UPL decisions, and in this instance, the balance struck serves both lenders and borrowers by facilitating and reducing the expense of loan modifications.
Specifically, a South Carolina-licensed lawyer must perform or supervise the following steps: (1) preparing deeds, mortgages, notes and other legal instruments related to mortgage loans and transfers of real property”; (2) conducting title exams and preparing abstracts; (3) closing the loan, including instructions in the execution of legal instruments and advice as to the instruments' effects; (4) recording the mortgage; and (5) disbursing funds.

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