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Palm Bay, FL Wildlife Control

Here at you can find the most accurate information about wildlife exclusion in Palm Bay FL. Our companies provide wildlife removal, damage repair, decontamination and exclusion work. The damage that Squirrels do in Palm Bay area homes are as follows: Squirrels tear up your ductwork, Squirrel Droppings on your insulation, Squirrels cause damage to your attic vents and lastly Squirrels pose a threat to your family's health by possibly bringing in diseases that are easily spread to humans.
The key to successful rat trapping in Palm Bay FL is minimizing the scent of humans on the traps and knowing where to put them on the rodent scent trail, a skill that everyone at Animal-Pros is taught and exercises frequently because rodents are a common year-round problem in Palm Bay Florida.

They also suggested I could help with energy cost by adding a layer of insulation to my attic and they could provide insulation that is insect and animal resistant for a very fair price (I had already been considering this and already had quotes from other companies) , I will most likely be taking them up on their offer in the near future.
Raccoons in my attic, rats in my attic, mice in my attic, rats under my house, bats in my attic, bee removal in Orlando, birds in my attic, armadillos under my house, moles in my yard, moles under my house, hogs Wildlife Removal in my neighborhood, hogs in my yard, coyotes in my neighborhood, coyotes in my yard, bees in my walls, bees in my attic, possums in my attic, or any other situation with nuisance wildlife, please give us a call.

Once we are in the Attic and it is confirmed that you are having an issue with Wildlife & Animals in Palm Bay FL, a professional Wildlife & Animal removal company will then get on the roof and walk the exterior of the property to identify the areas that the Wildlife & Animals are using to get into your home.
Nuisance Wildlife operators can provide solutions to many of Florida's wildlife including animal removal services of such as squirrel removal, raccoon removal, possum removal, skunk removal, armadillo removal, bird control, rodent removal, and bat removal.
Scott climbed into the attic and they both walked around the house looking for areas where an animal could get in. Jordan found raccoon paw prints on the screen porch leading to the roof which meant that the noise was the raccoon climbing onto the roof and running across it. He even thought of a solution to the problem by recommending spraying Pam onto the metal siding so the raccoon could not climb up the siding.

We realize that the opportunity to view a trapped raccoon or raccoon pup up close is very tempting (no one seems to want to check out the skunks!) but even a caged animal can pose a threat, especially Raccoons who are strong enough to bust out of their cages.
If you feel your attic or property has a problem with raccoons give us a call and a representative will be sent to your location to perform a Site Evaluation which consists of inspection of the roof, attic space, and any other concerning areas. Palm Bay bird removal is one of the hardest calls we receive because birds can be very challenging to remove and keep out.

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