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Consumer Fraud Attorney In Chicago

Bankruptcy is supposed to give consumers a fresh start. Of course, Network Solutions and the other registrars do little to ensure that a person registering a domain has legal right to do so. In fact, about the only thing registrars do is make each person who purchases a domain affirm that they are not interfering with some else's legitimate trademark rights.
Driven by the goal to provide effective and affordable representation to consumers throughout the nation who purchased defective products, were the victims of fraud or harassed by debt collectors, or who suffered personal injury, Adam J. Krohn and Gregory H. Moss founded Krohn & Moss, Ltd.

Defending these claims requires attorneys who have an intricate knowledge of the various laws as well as appreciation for the necessity of cost-effective litigation since coverage is generally limited for consumer fraud, warranty, odometer and other such claims.
If the consumer is dissatisfied with the decision reached in an informal dispute settlement procedure or the results of such a decision, he may bring a civil action to enforce his rights under subsection (a) of Section 3. The decision reached in the informal dispute settlement procedure is admissible in such a civil action.

Based in the Chicago area, our consumer fraud defense attorneys have defended many different types of businesses in a large number of different types of consumer fraud cases including banks, new and used car dealers, landlords that own large apartment complexes and a host of other different businesses.
It's obviously cheaper for a manufacturer to pay a small amount of attorney fees prior to litigation than a higher amount at the end of litigation - so in practice the manufacturers are willing to pay the consumer's fees prior to commencement of litigation.
To be named a Super Lawyers® member for a given year, an attorney must be considered truly outstanding after a rigorous and patented multistep selection process that includes independent research, peer nominations, client testimonials, and professional evaluations.

From the Website: The attorneys who practice at Frederick & Berler LLC, believe pursuing dishonest and abusive creditors and businesses not only benefits consumers, but also honest businesses by ensuring the competition plays by the rules and that all consumers are treated fairly.
Karl has over 15 years of experience in consumer law and class actions. Promptness in making a complaint decreases the likelihood that a fly-by-night operator will move, leave town, or go out of Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C. business before consumers can gain assistance. An attorney can help you through the complex process of filing a lawsuit, whether you choose to file on your own, or participate in a class action.

The manufacturers are aware that if they don't pay the consumer's attorney fees prior to litigation, the consumer might reject its offer and bring a lawsuit, at which point attorney fees would be recoverable. However, many consumers may not know their rights or may feel powerless in seeking reimbursement from large corporations.

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