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When paired with the Bell & Gossett e-80 and e-1510 hydraulic pumps, the Technologic PPS parallel pump controller allows you to set up a parallel pumping system - up to eight pumps - and optimize for efficiency. With the erection of a large marquee inside our production facility along with two larger meeting rooms, over 70 Calder employees were able to join the sessions, thus enabling all departments to gain an understanding of the broad range of PG Flow Solutions products and services.
Although linear polymers 11 and dendrimers 12 can covalently link energy-donor, relay and acceptor units into cascade energy-transfer systems to make luminescent polymers, individual inverter in-line pump the compositions and contents of these building blocks cannot be freely tailored; to achieve optimised structures for these systems, tedious synthesis is unavoidable.

Replacing an old worn out pump to an economy pump of course require an additional investment in relation to a pump similar to the existing one, but if you looking at the pumps lifecycle, (in Denmark average is 13 years) there is no doubt that the new pump will provide both an economic benefit and save a significant CO2 emissions.
Yet another Hammelmann pump supplied to a well-established national hydro demolition, surface preparation and tank cleaning company enabling Sabre Jetting to offer some of the most reliable and efficient service within the contracting service industry.
Built with advanced materials, motors and methods, our high-quality, innovative pump lines are simply the perfect platform from which we create customized solutions. Integral VSDs on in-line pumping units now dominate the building services market. Our customer wanted the ability to operate in areas where a water tank would be required as a buffer reservoir between the primary water source and the unit, but did not want to incorporate the tank into the units.

Some of these factors will be discussed in Sections and 2.3 If any of the above-mentioned influences are unknown, it will be necessary to provide appropriate reserves in the pumping station. Our industrial waterjetting units can be mounted on a skid, site trailer, road-going trailer, or in a container.
A series of predefined control modes, such as constant pressure, proportional pressure, constant level or constant flow, makes it very easy to set up a system in only a few steps. For example, the process pumps range are widely used in water and wastewater treatment for metering sodium hypochlorite and other common disinfection chemicals - resulting in reduced maintenance and the elimination of vapor lock.
For solvent evaporation, the VACUU.SELECT controller detects solvent boiling and automatically adjusts the pump's motor speed to maintain process control. This solution - which uses an unfiltered control signal - offers beside these advantages also very high control speed and stability.

Calder was a forerunner in the development of cuttings re-injection technology and these electric-motor driven units will feature many of the technological developments made by us over the last two decades. Having been involved in both the manufacture and sales of high pressure pump units, Jamie has the all-round experience that will equip him well to promote Calder's diverse range of high pressure water jetting equipment.
FcP systems are suitable for standard applications for constant pressure control in an open hydraulic circuit up to 90 kW. Machine tools are a typical application. For the purposes of adjustment for use in a pumping station the theoretical pumping speed of the Roots pump should therefore not be more than ten times greater than the pumping speed of the backing pump.
Rosenberg WorleyParson AS has awarded PG Flow Solutions subsidiary Calder Ltd a contract to supply a MEG pump package to the Nova tie-back to Gja Project. As an integral part of onshore and offshore drilling, mud pumps circulate drilling fluids to facilitate drilling oil and natural gas wells.

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