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Trash Chute Closer & Piston Closure For Your Laundry Or Linen System

Trash & Linen Chutes from Kasl Enterprises. This allows the proposed design to achieve an equivalent level of safety because three access points are provided. Hopper type discharge doors consist of a stainless steel B” label constructed type door held open by a 155 U.L. approved fusible link. U.L. B” labeled self closing intake doors are constructed of 22 gauge polished stainless steel fronts and 18 gauge aluminized steel backs and wings.
The Century Chute "Easy Wave Pneumatic Door - User Interface and Operations" training video, describes the intake door user interface and provides instructions to open an Easy Wave pneumatic door. Complete trash chute door closers trash chute door service to lubricate & Adjust doors; tighten all hardware; treat with anti-corrosive spray to inhibit rusting, fusible link and discharge door checks for proper working condition.

The proposed design provides equivalent protection by ensuring that separation is maintained between the corridor and the chute even if the trash chute door is stuck open and by providing the space necessary for a forward approach. The proposed design includes four access points within the parking garage.
provides the best parts and products available to the professionals that service and maintain Trash Chutes and Laundry Chutes. When opening the access door, the equipment located inside consists of the motor unit, solenoid valve, brush, disinfecting and sanitizing unit, designed to give manual or automatic brushing of the internal surface of chute.

Performs the Daily Custodial Duties or assignments to include vacuum hallway carpets, clean trash room, maintain trash chutes, maintain lobby areas and elevators. Repair intake ramps to prevent trash falling between chute and walls, and to prolong the life of your chute.
The UMT 200 & 300 Series 24” diameter Bi-Sorter & Tri Sorter was designed for multi-story buildings that wish to sort recyclables away from the buildings trash with a single chute system. Laundry chutes in hotels are placed on each floor to allow the expedient transfer and collection of dirty laundry to the hotel's laundry facility without having to use elevators or stairs.

Green products include Waste Machine, Sweeping Machine, Garbage Chute and Debris Chute. Delivers smooth no bounce door closing action for chute intake doors (both trash and linen). Chutes are constructed of 16 gauge standard aluminized steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel.
The Century Chute "Pneumatic Door Chute System - Features and Functions" training video, provides an overview of trash chute operations, describes the intake door user interface and recommends waste disposal guidelines to keep your chute system operating smoothly.
Trash chutes are used in high-rise residential apartment units to transport garbage to a lower level for collection in a container or trash compactor. SFSP chutes can either pass through the floor slab of the building or be fixed within a vertical shaft. Chutes are used as original equipment in new buildings, such as: Hotels, Hospitals, High Rises and Residential Towers.

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