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5 Brisbane Currency Exchange Locations

There is 35 currency exchange locations currently available in Brisbane, Australia on this page. We surveyed over a dozen foreign currency exchange outlets and found that when buying 1000, the cost in Aussie dollars could be as little as $1,869.16 (at American Express Foreign Exchange or through Travelex Online, paying by BPAY) or as much as $2,111.70 (using the Travelex change booth at Sydney International Airport).
When you buy or top-up your Cash Passport, you lock-in the exchange rate of that day, for the amount you wish to load. Best Rates for buying currency exchange US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds. On a diffetent note, once upon a time, exchanging foreign cash at the casino was one of the best.

Then check their benefits - you can earn frequent flyer points when you use Qantas Cash and Virgin's Global Wallet cards overseas, for instance; the Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard gives you access to more than 850 airport lounges worldwide if your flight is delayed.
Process very simple, hand over cash and drivers licence (they make a photocopy), provide them with a phone number and occupation (not sure why they need to know if i am a bricklayer or merchant banker), it all gets typed up on a receipt, and you get your foreign currency.

One thing you'll need to watch out for, if you're using your credit or debit card abroad, is dynamic currency conversion — DCC DCC is where you're asked if you'd like to pay for your purchase or withdrawal in your home currency instead of the local currency.
4. Hold Your Nose and pay the high currency conversion fees at the airport so that you have local currency when you land. If you need to send money overseas, bricks-and-mortar foreign exchange services do not usually offer the best deal. But just like airports, hotel exchange rates are rarely (if ever) a good deal.
Despite the airlines taking market share from the major banks in the travel card space, the competition is mainly around frequent flyer points, rather than lower price. Australian states and territories accept Australian dollars and coins as payment. In 2006 Flight Centre Limited purchased Nationwide Currency Services (NCS) which operated seven businesses across Australia (two in Perth, three in Melbourne, and two in Brisbane).

Danesh Exchange is the most professional Money Exchanger in Brisbane, QLD. However, finding a good value currency exchange service can make a real difference to how much you have in your pocket to spend while you travel. If you're on a mission to save money, here are the cheapest ways to purchase foreign currency.
If a particular foreign exchange company offers the best available rate for the US dollar, it doesn't necessarily mean it will also offer the best rate for the euro. Cash passport is a multi-currency prepaid card issued by MasterCard. While you can usually exchange money when you reach your destination, it's generally advisable to have some local currency with you prior to arrival, particularly if you arrive late at night to pay for any incidentals you may require.

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