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Durian Tekka

Singapore lies South-East of Asia, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. It's a different species of durian, that's native to Peninsular Malaysia.Durio lowianus is sometimes known as Durian daun or leaf durian” because the shell is very green and when you look up at the tree, it can be hard to tell if there are fruits still up there or not.
Round in shape with thick and orange-red flesh, durian enthusiasts love it for the intensely bitter flavours and amazing texture. Durian is a strange combination durian musang king of savory, sweet, and creamy all at once. The delectable tart-sweet fruit with soft texture is always a hit for the youngster who dislikes Durian.

Taking place from 12 noon to 10pm daily at the Boulevard, Genting Grand Outdoor Carpark the 2019 Genting Durian Festival brings together three of the most prestigious durian orchards from around Malaysia under one roof for a one-of-a-kind carnival of durian.
I realized, during the 12 or so hours we wandered around looking for freshly fallen durians, that I prefer to eat Musang King maybe an hour after it's fallen instead of right away. Recently, Zarir decided to take on a much bigger challenge: investing in a six-acre plot that was previously an oil palm plantation, which he is slowly converting into a Musang King farm.

Its tech-savviness aside, the shop has an exhaustive list of durians, including D2, Musang King, Durian Udang Merah and Durian Thraka. In terms of taste, it can rival Musang King in bitterness and sweetness. This isn't a new designer breed of durians, according to Lindsay, but a renaming of the Tekka durian, which is a favourite among the durian lovers who are partial to its bitter-sweet taste.
Malaysians only eat durians; they don't know anything about the trees. We tasted so many different kinds of durians, but my favorite was the Nom Sod, a milky variety that kept dropping on us as we walked around. Taste notes: Sweet with fibrous flesh. Expect durian sellers to capitalise on the Musang King's popularity by hawking off the ‘Musang Queen'.
Using their keen sense of smell, they can differentiate between a durian with the flavor of Fruit Loops and one that tastes like a Snickers bar. For hundreds of years, durian-loving fruit hunters and farmers from different regions of South East Asia (where the durian originated) had diligently selected chance seeding of durian for specific desirable characteristics that they like.

OLD TREE SIGNATURE Musang King, this durian is absolutely creamy and sticky flesh that melts in your mouth with a heavenly sticky bittersweet goodness. But both times I had it — first in January, and then again in July at Poh Beng's Durian Stall, it was sticky and pleasant and mild I actually preferred it to the Red Prawn we ate at the same time.
It also has a thick and pastey texture instead of the typical creaminess we will expect in durians. Chan's orchard has over 3,000 durian trees, out of which 70% are the Musang King varietal and 10% are Tekka. Around Mid June to August every year, local fruit season starts blooming and the roadside fruit stall is packed with visitors who craving fruits especially Durian.

Currently the prices are around rm25 per kg for musang king, rm15 per kg for tekka, rm10 for D101 and D24. From bittersweet to creamy rich flavours, there's a durian for every palate. This D2 came from a farm along the road to the Cameron Highlands, where we stopped on the Malaysia Durian Tour.
The fruit ripens quickly so by the time it gets to Singapore it is usually very soft and watery. Take the time to chat, and you'll learn a lot about life, and food, in Singapore. It also meant that our last durians were at least harvested dry, and we got to taste one of the best Tekkas I've ever had.

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