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New Stainless Steel Tube Technology

Starting from steel strip continuing with the formation and welding, annealing, surface treatment, threading, drawn, cutting tips, long commercial cuts, non-destructive testing, packaging and finally dispatching once the finished tube is obtained, according to customer requirements. Unlike the welded ones, which are prepared by wrapping & welding the sheet on each other - the shape of the pipe gets distorted, adds stress & extraneous variable to the pipe during the manufacturing process - which never results in a round pipe or hollow rods like seamless ones.
The multiroll can roll tubes and cylinders from 3 to 24 in. diameter, working with material up to 0.100 in. thick, depending on the material grade and final rolled shape, special tube which can be up to 47 in. long. Also We Have A Ready Stock Of Hot Rolled Seamless Precision Tube Which Are Used For Mechanical & General Engineering Applications.

These special wind chimes are not confined to metal elements alone - there are musical wind chimes made of bamboo, wood, glass, copper or aluminum, which are usually shaped into tubes that strike a central part which may be made of the same material.
Pungsung Precision tube precision tubes include special bars, various tubes, structural tubes, square and hexagonal tubes, triple tube tubes, nuclear tubes, automobile tubes, automobile parts, hook rails for submarines, and automobile connector parts.
Musical wind chimes are a more sophisticated version of the conventional wind chimes as they have to be specially made and precision tuned for the purpose of producing music and not just sound. In addition to this, as steel tubes are hollow, they are very much lighter than solid steel tubes, without any compensation in strength.

At Fine Tubes we are at the forefront when it comes to sourcing raw materials for our high quality tubing products. The links below will tell you more about the full range of metals we use to make tubes. Steel tubes are also the preferred choice of many as there is no chance of any scratching of the skin or of it catching on clothing.
Special lengths or cut to size specifications, special materials (high tensile, pre-galvanized steel or 3CR12) and requirements with regard to the position of the weld are all possibilities. Precision Steel Tube Handbook is an extensive guide concerning properties and use of cold formed welded precision tubes for designers, developers and purchasers.

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