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17A.1 This award contains the following transitional rates of pay and allowances for employers in the state of Victoria who were previously not bound by this award, but are now subject to the award by virtue of the award having been declared a common rule under s.141 of the Workplace Relations Act 1996.
28.5 An employee working overtime on a Saturday or working on a Sunday shall be allowed a paid crib time of 20 minutes after four hours work, to be paid for at the ordinary rate of pay but this provision shall not prevent any arrangements being made for the taking of a 30-minute meal period, the time in addition to the paid 20 minutes which shall be paid at the ordinary rate of pay.

An employee handling charcoal, pumice, granulated cork, silicate of cotton, insulwool, slag wool or other recognised insulating material of a like nature or working in the immediate vicinity so as to be affected by the use thereof: 59 cents per hour or part thereof.

32.11.8(b) Any termination entitlements payable to an employee whose employment is terminated while working part-time under this clause, or while working full-time after transferring from part-time work under this clause, shall be calculated by reference to the full-time rate of pay at the time of termination and by regarding all service as a full-time employee as qualifying for a termination entitlement based on the period of full-time employment and all service as a part-time employee on a pro rata basis.
32.3.7 Where leave is granted under 32.3.4 hereof, during the period of leave an employee may return to work at any time, as agreed between the employer and the employee provided that time does not exceed four weeks from the recommencement date desired by the employee.

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