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Recently new technology has been introduced in producing heat and energy for public and private buildings of all types. We offer to our Customers a big and specific range of pumps for a large variety of uses: domestic applications, industrial fields, groundwater, wastewater and sewage applications, for civil plants, building-service sector, agricultural and irrigation applications, swimming pools and spa baths.
Since its foundation in 1912 by Mr. Issei Hatakeyama, EBARA had provided its vast customer base around the world with highly efficient and reliable pumps from a widely spread Global network of state of the art manufacturing facilities for standard pumps used for multi inverter mq drive water systems for building service and commercial application, to the semi customized pumps for diversified industries and highly engineered pumps for special applications for energy related facilities like oil and gas, fertilizer plants and power plants.

For Hans Peters, Chairman of the IBU Board, the addition of this international manufacturer of water-saving and energy-efficient pumps represents a key step for the IBU EPD programme: Grundfos is the IBU's first member from this previously unrepresented group within the building services sector.
Companies partner with the Professionals at PROTEGIS Fire and Safety Experts to provide quality and reliable products and services for all areas of fire and life safety such as system monitoring, inspection and parts - saving time, money, frustration and, potentially, property and lives.

The advantages of thermal storage as part of an installation that provides intermittent temperature conditioning are obvious: the peak power requirement is reduced; this peak can be shifted to a lower tariff time of day; chilling plant can operate at close to 100% capacity, i.e. maximum efficiency; and the maximum electrical demand can be reduced significantly, further reducing running costs.
The example of a water heating system with radiators shows that a non-balanced heating system can be directly felt due to the indoor temperatures: while radiators closer to the central heating system are overly supplied, the radiators located further away receive inadequate flow volumes.
Consideration of the power supply to the fire pump and its accessories is based on an evaluation of the codes that govern its installation as well as conversations with the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to determine the best solution for the building's particular design.

64. 61 Page UBBL by Law - Section 115 All roof of buildings shall be constructed as to drain effectively to suitable and sufficient channels, gutters, chutes or troughs which shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of these By-Laws for receiving and conveying all water which may fall on and from the roof.
No matter the size, talk to the qualified team at AKS Industries for complete solutions for building services projects including schools, shopping centres, municipal, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, airports, council works, wash bays, carparks, construction sites and more.
VSDs equipped with intelligent control systems featuring advanced communications capabilities such as BACnet and Modbus protocols offer seamless building management integration while intelligent variable frequency drives (VFD) match system demand, maximizing pump efficiency and minimizing wear and tear for long the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, for example, all of the pumping systems are equipped with VSD technology to ensure optimum efficiency in the water supply system.

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