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‎Pest Control

Laws extending pardons and amnesties for corruption and official misconduct were put forward, sparking protests across the country. At the end of February, in Brussels, the International conference "HEInnovate: Make Innovation Work in Higher Education" was held under the patronage of the European Commission and the United Nations Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
The main goal of the project is scientific - developing criteria, analysis and evaluation of projects with good practices, related to new methods of learning, and thus supporting the exploration and studying of European countries, fighting against the stereotypes anti insecte and prejudices to Eastern Europe, actively including people over 55+ in social activities in the state and forming European consciousness in the contest of trans-national European cooperation for various target groups and educational institutions.

The forum was greeted by the Deputy Mayor of Ruse, Mr. Strahil Karapchanski, Mr. Georgi Dimitrov - Deputy Head of Unit, Innovation and EIT, DG EAC, European Commission, Ms Angelina Lambreva - director of Higher Education Directorate in MES, Ms. Rositsa Georgieva - Head of Regional Management of Education in Ruse and Yana Vangelova - Chair of the National Representation of Student Unions in Bulgaria.
The successful projects in the field of national security, implemented by the University under the Framework Programmes of the European Commission, as well as the 18 projects under the Cross-border cooperation Bulgaria-Romania during the two programme periods serve as evidence of the preparedness of our academic community for the new partnership.

The project coordinator is the Academy of Technologies in Rezekne, Latvia and the members of the project consortium are the University of Ruse, Bulgaria, Veda Consult, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, SWA Academy of Education, Kemnits, Germany; ECONY, Gabrovo, Bulgaria; UICNO, Gödöllő, Hungary and the University of Pitesti, Romania.
In July 2018, the University of Ruse hosted a National seminar of Francophony universities on the topic of "Improvement of university systems for quality assurance through good practices and internationalisation of education" while in December, the Rector of the University vowed to the Director of the French Institute in Bulgaria, Mr. Fabien Flоri, to revive Alliance Frances in Ruse.
At a seminar with the participation of nearly 100 lecturers and students from the Shanghai Polytechnic University, the members of the delegation from Ruse shared the 15-year experience of the Center for Innovative and Educational Technologies with the University of Ruse and informed the participants about the draft of the National Programme for Digitization of Education in Bulgaria.

It is a logical continuation of the EC funded Eurasian project "MODERNISATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN CENTRAL ASIA THROUGH NEW TECHNOLOGIES" in which 15 universities from Kazakhstan, Kirgiztan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan participate and the University of Ruse is the Coordinator.
A considerable contribution to the practical aspect of the School have the field trips to natural park "Rusenski Lom" and to Giurgiu, Romania, which illustrate the achievements in the field of sustainable development, cross-border cooperation and good practices in implementing the EU Directives.

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