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How to track the coronavirus: dashboard, built by a team at the Johns Hopkins delivers a live view of the deadly virus

Did you know? 2019-nCoV coronavirus penetrate and attack human cells. Coronavirus is a challenge for many health leaders and are determining ways to respond to Coronavirus. It is essential to learn what coronavirus is – it is ultimately a virus. A virus is hard to define but ultimately a parasite – and are very diverse.

Researchers are working actively for Coronavirus tracking around the planet. John Hopkins University has contributed well to this development and has invented a real-time tracker explaining coronavirus moves.

This gives a comprehension of situational outbreak where it transports data unfolds and present real-time information regarding Coronavirus and which area, country or particular province has been affected.

The purpose of this Coronavirus dashboard is to predict the next targeted area – the pattern will predict the growing movement and where is it expected to spread next – it is an emerging outbreak modelling process.

See corona disease:

Coronavirus live updates are visualized through this infographic information system – real-time, powered by Esri. The data is extracted from disease control centres in China, Europe, US and the WHO (World Health Organization).

Apparently, there have been 16 coronavirus cases in the United States of America. Whereas, unfortunately, one of the American couldn't bare coronavirus and passed away abroad. As of now, through this stage, the coronavirus has depicted pneumonia symptoms, which includes breathing issue, cough and fever.

Source: Gisanddata

History of Coronavirus

The US CDC has kept up the position that the open risk which is prone to the public from coronavirus in the US presently is as yet thought to be very low. Dr Nancy Messonnier, the executive of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said the coronavirus methodology in the US is to slow and limit the spread of the infection, not to stop it.

Coronavirus includes the deadly SARS and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) – where the first case regarding Coronavirus has been reported to the World Health Organization on 31st of December, 2019. The Chinese investigators linked this particular "Corona" labelled virus to other virus families.

This “never been encountered before” virus emerges from animal and initially infected Huanan seafood wholesale market workers in the Chinese city centre. This virus emerged global pandemic in the financial market – as well as exacerbated the fears throughout other than financial markets. The Iranian Rial has devalued sharply as of 21st of February’ 2020.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

As told earlier, it is much pneumonia-like virus. Unfortunately, antibiotics are of no use. Interestingly, people migrating from mainland China; Republic of Korea; Singapore; Macau; Malaysia; Taiwan to their country of origin are likely to report any suggested to communicate their mild cough, flu and breath shortness to their respective medical centres – for instance, NHS 111 in the UK. Chinese national health commission also ensured that there is human-to-human transmission.

Coronavirus live update

There have been 74,576 cases reported in China, as confirmed by Health officials, while 12,000 were recovered. Unfortunately, there has been recorded 2,118 deaths in China as of 20th of February from the Covid-19.

The coronavirus has spread to various countries – numerically 28 in total. Highest cases have been reported in Japan – with reportedly 607 cases; whereas 542 initially originated from Yokohama's cruise ship dock. The UK has reportedly 9 cases, but no fatalities took place.

WHO warns: Is Coronavirus Pandemic?

WHO’s director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has expressed sensitive concerns against Covid-19 tackling. The opportunities are shrinking. This is something serious where four new cases have been reported in Iran, and the epidemic is increasing towards the Middle East.

Preventative Measures

Practically, there are vaccination or preventative COVID-19 measures – the only cure is to limit the exposure to the virus.

Here are some recommendations as per the CDC to prevent or keep respiratory diseases or coronavirus at not even a proximity:
• Stay away from sick people,
• Do not touch your nose, mouth and eyes,
• Try to stay at your home when you are sick,
• Use a tissue when you sneeze or cough; afterwards, throw it in the trash,
• You should watch hands for almost around 20 seconds, also before eating, sneezing, after getting to the bathroom, or when there is no soap and water available, use a hand sanitizer – this should have 60% of alcohol available. We also know that once hands are visibly dirty – there is a DIRE need to wash your hand with soap and water,
• Individuals who have COVID-19 symptoms are suggested to wear a facemask. The Coronavirus is very active and tends to spread amongst others "hyperactively". CDC advises to wear mask in such cases – and is deemed necessary for health care expert, such as nurse etc.
• Those who are healthy and do not show any COVID-19 symptoms, or respiratory disease, are not recommended to wear masks.

Pre-emptive measures

Doctors run some relevant tests – the best treatment will be suggested by the doctor based on the symptoms and developing complications. These are unique to every individual. COVID-19 is an unwelcoming surprise given the pandemic or alarming rise.

Yes, there is no treatment. There is no cure for one who is infected. The treatment is orbiting around symptoms management. Vaccines treatment are available for SARS and MERS. Sadly speaking, SARS has remained unchecked in almost 37 countries – coronavirus is spreading, and MERS and SARS that comes from animal are not dealt with proper care.

As per the research, there have been 8,000 individual impacted by this and more than 750 killed. MERS is quick in the human-to-human transferring. Due to greater lethality, there has been reportedly 2,500 people inflicted by MERS – killing 35%.

Wrapping up

The 2019-nCoV’s exploration comes with both the good and the bad. Since it is known now – experts can craft a suitable weapon against this virus. The bad news is that this unwelcomed “super-fast” enemy is spreading faster than we expect. Our current ammunition depot is not sufficient – yet efficient – to combat this.

This needs to be addressed at the earliest, and the invention of this dashboard is a way to combat this virus – no sooner than later.

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