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Alcohol And ODrug Treatment In Australia

Jarrah House is a nurturing environment for the treatment of women with substance misuse. Excluding medications, the most effective types of treatment are counselling approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing But these methods won't work for many of the people using these services, and that needs to be recognised before we can help them.
Many of our clients value the detailed assistance and advice we give on a wide range of issues - policy development, communicating expectations, implementing policies, interpreting results, individual case management, as well as training staff in drug and alcohol issues.

The devastating impact of ‘ice' shows no signs of slowing, with methamphetamine the leading drug problem for the seventh year running according to a report by Odyssey House NSW, which is one of Australia's largest alcohol and other drug treatment services and helps people from around the country.
Although local data on the prospective drivers of sustained drug use are scarce, overseas evidence 11 and reflections from Australian service providers suggest that social stability factors — such as employment, positive family relationships and stable housing — are crucial determinants of drug use patterns.

The completion rate for all treatment types among publicly funded services is about 65 per cent, and the relapse rate after treatment of Psychologist Bondi Junction about 50 per cent is similar to that of other types of chronic health conditions , such as asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes.
There are 129 publicly funded alcohol and other drug treatment agencies in Victoria, which Robert says is manifestly inadequate if the average waiting periods are anything to go by. He believes the longer you wait, the riskier it gets for both the user and their family.
We know there is enormous unmet need for drug and alcohol treatment broadly in Australia and that sort of detail should have been essential when considering the trial sites,” Siewert said. You can take your first step on a journey to a life without drugs today.

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