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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney

Weare asmall but specialized bankruptcy practice dedicated tohelpingthose seeking financial relief. We can project how much (if any) of a tax debt you owe would be discharged in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, as well as assess the effect such a filing would have on your other debts, to help you arrive at the best possible course of action.
Bankruptcy may be the best option for you if you find yourself with overwhelming debt and no way of being able to repay it. Bankruptcy is a legal remedy you can take if you have gotten so far in debt that you have no possibility of being able to pay it back in full.

Bankruptcy attorney Sanaz Sarah Bereliani is committed to providing Los Angeles residents with dedicated legal representation, as well as taking the time to make sure they are at ease during the process and understand the rights as well as their obligations.
Actually, what is really TRUE, is that objective experts and knowledgeable persons from all spectra in the bankruptcy industry, including lawyers, court trustees and judges, who specialize in bankruptcy, have it quite amply on the record that most personal bankruptcies are really simple.
Indeed, foreclosure is reportedly soaring; and the filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition results in automatic stay of: (1) any action against the debtor or the debtor's property to collect sums owed to creditors, (2) any enforcement of judgment against the debtor, and (3) repossession or foreclosure on any property of the debtor.

Attorney Nicholas Wajda is a Los Angeles bankruptcy and estate planning lawyer and has filed over 5,000 successful bankruptcy cases, helped countless others with debt issues and has built a reputable practice serving clients all over California and Nevada.
For example, in the Central District of California, San Fernando Valley Division, the reported proportion of debtors who had filed for bankruptcy without use of attorneys just before the 2005 law went into effect, was well OVER 50%, but then as of June 2006 even AFTER the restrictive 2005 law had gone into effect, it was about 27%.
Disposable income is current monthly income less: (1) amount necessary for the maintenance or support of the debtor or a dependent of the debtor, (2) charitable contributions Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer not exceeding 15 percent of the gross annual income, and (3) amount necessary for operation of the business, if the debtor is engaged in it, under 11 USC 1325(b)(2).

Thus, a judicial lien is created by the recording of an abstract of judgment, pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure, 697.310-697.410, which puts a "cloud on title" on any real property owned by the judgment debtor in the county in which the abstract of judgment is recorded.

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