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Kitchen Taps & Tapware

Free delivery Australia wide on tapware, mixers, showers and accessories over $150! Designed to be able to mix hot and cold water together to your favourite temperature, mixers add modern style and technology to your renovation If your style is contemporary, you'll find the perfect tapware from a range of mixers in brushed metals, matt blacks and whites featuring sharp lines or organic contours.
It is also possible to find a variety of unbranded kitchen mixer taps. Whether building new or renovating, Greens have an extensive range of black kitchen mixer tap products to suit - from domestic use to healthcare, products that are easy to install and are suitable for applications from urban to rural.

We design and distribute tapware and showers under the Greens Tapware brand to both local and international markets including NZ, Australia, the UK and the USA. Flexibility is everything - and that goes for kitchen fittings, too. The combination of elegant matte black and brushed stainless steel will make a unique fancy mixer tap.
Stainless Steel Inside, smooth inner wall, clean and shining without sand holes, smooth water channel, selfcleaning by water circulation. That's why KLUDI offers more: thanks to the broad spouts that come in a multitude of heights and shapes, the VersatilityPlus concept makes it easy to fill watering cans, buckets and vases and also wash your hair in the washbasin.
The space will be the least of your problems because you can even install your sink under your window and remove the spout of your tap whenever you need to wash or scrub your comfortably cookware or even fill large buckets of water. Stainless steel 3 way mixer taps are perfect for a modern kitchen to give you that new stainless steel look and will match with the existing stainless steel appliances like fridge, dishwasher or microwave.

KLUDI offers a wide variety of fittings, both for washbasins and for showers and tubs. KLUDI recently introduced the quick connector for the fast and reliableinstallation of kitchen fittings with a pull-out spout. A great kitchen renovation needs a great mixer tap.
At MimicocÚ we want to make buying tapware easy, so if you need any help or advice on the best kitchen mixer taps for you, get in touch with our customer service team. Low-pressure fittings are the right choice for a flow heater, since a flow heater can only warm a certain amount of water, which must then be delivered using low pressure.
Kitchen tapware that is heavy duty and durable is a must-have for every busy kitchen. If you're doing a renovation or building a new house these kitchen sink 3 way mixer taps are†a great option, they give you hot, cold, filtered water or rainwater. Contemporary single lever handle taps such as the Millennium Akemi which comes in a range of finishes including black and chrome.

The system works by cleverly hiding a hose inside the body of the water outlet, so it looks just like an ordinary kitchen sink mixer tap at first glance. Quality fittings must be able to withstand constant pressure of up to 10 bar. Until now, the kitchen fitting was often situated within the range of the window, and was therefore in the way whenever the window needed to be opened or cleaned.
A retractable spout extends the radius of the fitting, makes it easier to clean the sink and fill receptacles standing outside the sink or which do not fit under the spout. Mixer tap with concealed body for mixing water that is installed inside the wall and operating elements and water outlet that are mounted on the wall.
Renovation D offers a wide range of kitchen mixer taps to match your kitchen or laundry sinks. Turn your sink into a wonderful work station with our convenient kitchen accesories that are designed to maximise the space you're working in. Preparation, presentation and cleaning up is easy when you prepare with the right tools.

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