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Auto Workshops In Riyadh

Ford Motor Company and Ford Saudi thank you for selecting one of our quality products. Now, thanks to the grace of Almighty and his blessings, we provide our services to more than 20000 clients annually through our shops, service center, maintenance workshops, and spare parts shops which are all over the eastern region and Riyadh, with a deliberate plan Insha' Allah to expand more in other regions in the future.
Profile for exhibit includes Air-conditioning systems, Dashboard instruments, Off road vehicles equipment, Seat belts & seat covers, Steering wheels, repair equipment, Cleaning products, Coolants, Diesel engine testing & tuning equipment, Mobile workshops, Oil and lubricants, Wheel balancing, Windscreen wiper blades, Brake parts, Carburetors, Filters, Radiators, Batteries and battery chargers, Exhaust systems, Car vacuum cleaners, Polishing materials, Upholstery cleaning products.

It established a call center to maintain communications with its customers in order to increase their satisfaction”, and initiated an Operational Renting Program giving the major customers the right to rent vehicles for long-term or short-term contracts with guaranteed maintenance services”.
An October 2018 report said the lifting of the ban on women driving in Saudi as of June 2018, along with recovering oil prices and economic policies aimed at boosting consumer spending, will result in an eight percent per annum increase of passenger vehicles sales until 2022.

Meanwhile, the investment arm of Saudi conglomerate ALJ, the local distributor for Toyota and Lexus, has agreed to provide almost $500m in funding to US-based electric pick-up manufacturer Rivian Automotive, according to a November 2018 report by Reuters.
With almost 100 years of automotive industry experience, we know the nooks and crannies of auto design, manufacture and repair—from helping OEMs improve fuel economy with lightweighting solutions, to helping auto body specialists revolutionize the painting process.

Around this you can find many workshops for all types of cars.Coordinates: 24.70022,46.65464 View Larger Map Dammam Road, RiyadhThis area also has several workshops.Coordinates: 24.82191,46.78473Google Maps Link: Nasim, RiyadhThis area has many workshops.
Industrial Clusters (2014) reveal that there are several aspects which direct Saudi Arabia to be an investment destination for automobiles in specific and other areas in general. Today, Alissa Auto is Nissan's exclusive distributer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (dealer).
Along with your car, you have bought the BMW Service Package specified on the ‘Service Agreement' page. It offers car sales, spare parts and after sale services through its distribution network and outlets located across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, sourcing and servicing over 1.2 million vehicles annually” ( ).

Avis itself has awarded Avis Saudi Arabia not only its Thirty Years Long Service Award , but also its Outstanding Achievement Award in 2005. The new launch is part of the company's plans to enhance its offerings and services ورشة فورد in the Kingdom. Manahil International Company is constantly expanding its network to provide after-sales support across Saudi Arabia; the Company recently opened a state-of-the-art showroom and service facility in Riyadh.
In conjunction with BMW's innovative maintenance system, you can plan pending service appointments in good time. Also, the Four Principles consultants provided AVIS Saudi Arabia management with a detailed human capabilities analysis that enabled the company to restructure teams according to the capabilities of employees.

Authorised OEM dealers - for example, Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) for Toyota, Al Majdouie Motors and Mohamad Yousuf Naghi Motors for Hyundai - are responsible for the import and sale of vehicles in Saudi Arabia. We build strong relationships by studying your business so we can deliver the smart vehicles that meet and exceed your corporate goals.

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